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Vitruvian Energy transforms human body activities (energy) into electric energy by using different kinds of technologies (energy harvesters). The law of energy states that « Energy can neither be created nor destroyed” but it can be converted from one form to another. According to the law of energy conversion, we can convert this energy into electricity and store it. The most common human activities, such as walking, biking, writing, opening a door or simply just moving, produce free energy.





Vitruvian Progress


The International Biennale of Design in Saint-Etienne hosted +200K visitors this year! #BiennaleDesign15






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Logo EnergyCloud

Energycloud is a touch&charge system for Smartphones, tablets and other nomad devices.

The goal is to deliver energy to the user using a special surface and an adapted plug.

It is suitable for a domestic use or a public use in areas like stations, airports, pubs, fast-foods or universities.

At the moment, a prototype is under development to trade with newly prospected customers.




 Team: M. Poidatz, T. Le Quesne, R. Kane, D. Lollo


Zéphyr is a green and sustainable electricity production kit designed to bring the energy requirements on sites affected by disasters (climatic, economic, humanitarian and others), after being cut off from local energy resources. The innovative system takes the shape of a photovoltaic balloon, covered with a new generation of photovoltaic cells, which provides the camp in electricity in order to help people and make them autonomous when they need it the most. Zéphyr provides enough energy to cover the needs of fifty people, a makeshift hospital and supply a telecommunication network. The social innovation of the system is that it is very easy to use, designed as an energy kit to use on the long run. Zéphyr can support the reconstruction after the departure of humanitarian organizations: generators left behind by rescue teams are usually difficult to supply with fuel so they become useless for population. Zéphyr is an alternative in extreme or special context requiring energy for vital needs.

For more information : http://zephyr.solar
Team: Julie Dautel and Cédric Tomissi
Supported by: Artscience Paris – FRANCE
Presented @the International Biennale of Design in Saint-Etienne, France (18th March 2015)



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