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« Lif.Life » FRANCE (17)

« Energycloud » FRANCE (17)

« Zephyr » FRANCE (18)

« Vitruvian Energy » CANADA (19 & 20)

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Best innovative solution project – €5000

zephyr-website  ZEPHYR

Zéphyr is a lightweight and easy to assemble installation providing electricity in complete self­sufficiency. Designed to be set up after a natural disaster which would have destroyed most of the energetic ressources, this balloon can quickly spread out to provide instant and effective electric energy for fifty people, a makeshift hospital and a telecommunication network. Its user­friendliness allows the possibility to adapt Zéphyr to other situations in which an electric independence is needed.

Team: Julie Dautel, Cédric Tomissi, Karen Assaraf.

Supported by: Artscience Paris – FRANCE

Best collaborative research program – €1000

vitruvian-website VITRUVIAN

Vitruvian energy transforms human body activities (energy) into electric energy by using different kinds of technologies (energy harvesters). The law of energy states that « Energy can neither be created nor destroyed” but it can be converted from one form to another. According to the law of energy conversion, we can convert this energy into electricity and store it. The most common human activities, such as walking, biking, writing, opening a door or simply just moving, produce free energy.

Team: Xavier Masse, Svetlana Igodina, Becky Long, Luliia Kostiuk, Hector Sanchez, Sheetal Kumar, Rohit Kawade, Sudeep Kumar.

Supported by: George Brown College – CANADA


brett_houlding_james_ennis - smallEDF MENTION

Imagine energy bills don’t exist, imagine buying and gifting energy like any lifestyle good be it Louis Vuitton, Nike or fresh bread in the morning. The Tictoc platform allows the exchange of energy credits within a community and actively create a demand response organism. Tictoc links the physical demographic community to the online virtual communities through the medium of energy.

Share, Give and Play!

Team: James Ennis, James Carroll, Tomi Hiltunen.

Supported by: TicToc Corp – IRELAND


urban-respirationEDF MENTION

The system exploit  organic waste from dedicated allotments in order to supply energy for gardening. The organic waste will be transported to the anaerobic digestor and converted into energy. Our system takes the urban farm’s green waste in addition to the organic waste from food consumption. That  raw strenght will be fermented in to clean and sharable energy. Such energy will be shared to power up the gardens again or for the cities power needs.

Team: Andre Scandella, Nora Cazzola, Lapo Bernini.

Supported by: Politecnico di Milano – ITALY


pokiwa-website« COUP DE COEUR »

With Pokiwa we spread our modular, extensible, portable device in insects’ traffic without disturbing them in their natural environment. Artificial flowers equipped with dynamic microphones and piezoelectric technology converts acoustic and kinetic energy from the passing insects into electricity, in order to recharge 5V batteries or to light your garden.

Team: Claire Lacroix, Yu Ling Chen, Baptiste Ferrié, François-Xavier Bonnemaison, Vinciane Demeure.

Supported by: Artscience Paris – FRANCE

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Take part in a creative discussion
Develop your ideas for the cities of tomorrow
Join an international challenge and make your project come to life

Compose a consortium including researchers-postgraduate students from a lab-school-university-incubator or cluster,




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  • Architecture
  • Urban planning
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  • Mechanical engineering
  • Materials
  • Electronics
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  • Funding
  • Business Model generation
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With the development of decentralized electricity and energy production, the sharing of energy between citizens, industries and/or public institutions will certainly reshape our relationship to energy in our everyday life.

This vision is shared by a number of actors in the energy field, including numerous EDF partners and most notably the French National Research Agency (ANR) which intends to plan ahead for a French Call for research projects on this topic in 2014.

EDF has decided to launch the prospective challenge « Sharing Energy in the City, 2030 » in order to stimulate interdisciplinary innovations and to foster international opportunities dealing with this major and inspiring issue which affects us all.


Registrations are closed for this 2014 year challenge.
*Details on the challenge rules

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